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March of 2017

Madagaskar ChameleonFour-week expedition in Madagaskar: Marojejy National Park, Anjanaharibe Sud Special Reserve, Nosi Sakatia.





23rd January of 2016

japan_festival_tengudaikoShooting for Tengu Daiko at the Japan Festival, Urania Berlin





6th March of 2015

shiatsu_sense_of_flowShooting for Sense of Flow






1st December of 2014

panama_leaf_frogFive-week journey to Panama!






Archive – 17th September of 2014

shooting_shiatsu_adlershofShooting at Adlershof Science Complex for Shiatsusonne





Archive – 21st July of 2014

die_meditation_saechsische_schweizFinished the website






Archive – 31st May of 2014

macro_lensFirst Picture with the new macro Lens. Discovering the 1:1 reproduction ratio.

…in this picture, we’re at ~1:3 though.




Archive – 24th November of 2013

Emka HeimseiteFinished the website Emka-Heimseite. Well, as much as the owner gave me content for…





Archive – 8th September of 2013

journey_romana_piatra_canuluiJourney to Romania! Ascent of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, injury included.





Archive – 2nd June of 2013

Finished video trailer “Sense of Flow”

Archive – 19th April of 2013

sense_of_low_elbe_sandstoneVideo project for Elbsandstein-Meditation in the Saxonian Elbe Sandstone Mountains




Archive – 8th September of 2012

Finished second trailer for Shiatsusonne

Archive – 8th June of 2012

Sailing Trip on the Baltic Seasailing_baltic_sea






Archive – 7th May of 2012

Shot and produced the first Trailer for Shiatsusonne


Archive – 13th December of 2011

Morocco TafraouteJourney to Tafraoute, Morocco









Archive – 12th June of 2011

shooting_alexanderplatzShooting at Alexanderplatz Berlin for Mobile Massage Berlin Brandenburg








Archive – 20th May of 2011

Shooting for Shiatsusonne at Lake Müggelsee





Archive – 01st February of 2011

Finished mastering three CDs for Danielle Gernandt

Archive – 14th August 2010

journey_romana_carpates Journey to the Carpates in Romania with my dad!





 Archive – 25th February 2010

Shooting for the first revision of Shiatsusonne